don't you lady me, son. i'm an avenger.

yo. my name is cat. this is a blog about comic books and children's card games and how much i love people with spider powers and also carol danvers.

my ao3 | lj | blogroll | my deck is mostly fish. you may pay me in grapefruit juice and yugioh meta. if you don't like yugi muto, i don't like you.

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what humans do
an anya/rikki fanmix

  1. anything could happen — ellie goulding
  2. le temps de l’amour — françoise hardy
  3. song for you — alexi murdoch
  4. a lack of color — death cab for cutie
  5. 2 atoms in a molecule — noah and the whale
  6. peach, plum, pair — joanna newsom
  7. little secrets — passion pit
  8. all this time (pick-me-up song) — maria mena
  9. rabbit heart (raise it up) — florence and the machine
  10. disco biscuit love — the jezabels
  11. catch my disease — ben lee
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