don't you lady me, son. i'm an avenger.

yo. my name is cat. this is a blog about comic books and children's card games and how much i love people with spider powers and also carol danvers.

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-redux replied to your post:

oh god, i’m so, so, sorry bb, if you need anyone to talk to i’m right here okay? don’t give up! i love you and just…*HUGS*

 charlielucky replied to your post

*hugs* it’s just as unfair to be made to feel ashamed for not being out as it is to be shamed for your identity alone. I’m really sorry that you’ve gotta deal with that. You’re awesome and you deserve to be happy.

 pikashadow replied to your post

*hugs you*

 controllingkanimas replied to your post

i love you and i can’t wait until that moments come because you deserve to be happy. <3
ugh i love you all, too
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