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melisandre asked: Arthur x Ariadne College AU!!!

tentatively titled dear self: do not blow the Fulbright scholar; with the summary: Studying abroad in England was probably a bad idea. Hooking up every chance she gets with the hot American Fulbright winner is probably an even worse one. But Ariadne’s taking her chances.


"I thought you wanted to—"

Not in a supply closet.

"Well you need to learn to be more specific,” he mutters, but he’s smiling all the same, kissing her neck and pushing her hair back. “I thought you wanted to do something risque.”

"Yeah, like, vandalize a building or something."

"Mmm, I like this much better.”

Ariadne melts into his touch, lets him kiss her neck and shoulders, hike her skirt up higher and tease her thight.

"Yeah," she says softly. "Yeah, okay."

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